Camouflage Tattoo Specialist at Pacific Plastic Surgery, Vancouver BC

Scar, Stretchmark & Pigmentation Camouflage

Ensuring the most natural-looking results.

Camouflage Tattoo Specialist at Pacific Plastic Surgery, Vancouver BC

Scar, Stretchmark & Pigmentation Camouflage

Ensuring the most natural-looking results.


Custom-mixed skin-tone tattoos are the finishing touches to surgical scarring, stretchmarks and pigmentation loss.

Have you tried everything and been told you need to “live with” what’s bothering you?

From pigmentation loss, to scarring and stretchmarks.
Your marks tell a story, but maybe it isn’t a story you want to tell. Often it gets tiring when people are pointing something out or asking about it. If you’re bothered by it, nothing is too small, and you owe yourself the freedom of feeling less self-conscious!

You DON'T need to get large artistic tattoos to cover these marks!

We tattoo conservatively to ensure the most natural-looking results. It is considered a form of medical permanent makeup. Multiple sessions may be required to ensure the custom-mixed skin tone heals and blends with the surrounding skin. These tattoos are meant to blend with the surrounding skin to make them less noticeable. The appearance of these marks can be softened with this tattoo service to reduce their contrast, colour and consistency. This is a detailed, slow process with colours custom mixed for your specific case.

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Am I a Candidate?

Camouflage tattoos are only suitable in very specific instances. If you are considering this treatment, photos must be sent in advance of booking this service to ensure you are a good candidate and to get a quote.

  • Stretchmarks and scars need to be light in colour, not darker than the surrounding skin tone.
  • Scars and stretchmarks must be at least 12 – 18 months old.
  • Skin must not be tanned, so the tattoo blends with your natural skin tone.
  • If you have Vitiligo, confirm with your doctor that a tattoo is the right choice for you to ensure a tattoo won’t further agitate it.
  • Are any of the scars “raised?” Or are they flat and flush with the skin? If they are raised, look into our scar revision to change the texture first!
Scheduling and Other Details

Consultations are free and are reserved for those who have sent photos already, have been deemed to be good candidates and want to come in to discuss in person as well.

Please note, multiple sessions may be required. Follow up appointments (if needed) are recommended for 6-8 weeks after initial tattoo appointment.

  • Photos must be emailed in advance to ensure you are a good candidate for this service.
  • Understand that it will require multiple sessions to achieve results and the results may not be as expected initially. The ink will not blend perfectly with my skin tone and will not adjust as I tan/grow paler.
  • Do not assess results until full healing. A complete treatment may include multiple visits.
  • Healing time for Stretch Mark & Scar Camouflage in TOTAL is 6-8 weeks to see your final result.
  • Follow up appointments may be made after 6-8 weeks (if needed).

Prices start from $500 and are unique to each individual as all cases require a customized approach. For a personalized quotation please contact us and send a photo.


Scar, Stretchmark & Pigmentation Camouflage in Vancouver by trusted specialist at Pacific Plastic Surgery

Achieve desired results. Safe, transformative and positive experience.

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About Candice Falcon

Facilitating healing, enhancing natural beauty

My name is Candice Falcon I am the chief tattoo artist at Pacific Plastic Surgery. I have always been an artist and painter and valued the aspect of hand-created art. Tattoos are an ancient art that are as much about the result as the experience itself. With the prevalence of quick courses and a lack of regulation in the industry, I hold myself accountable through continuous training and the offering of advanced techniques. These tattoos can enhance your natural beauty and facilitate healing.

Enhancing your beauty isn’t about changing who you are, it’s about changing how you feel about yourself. These tattoos give the gift of confidence to live differently, feeling your best about how you present yourself to the world.

Doing something small yet lasting for yourself can be the difference in your journey to self-acceptance.

It’s a relief to take your appearance off your mind, we have so many other things to tackle in a day!

Your appointment is something that you should feel excited about! It is so important to feel comfortable with the person you’re getting your service from. I’m authentically an approachable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic professional who is looking forward to meeting you and providing you with a quality overall experience.

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Candice's professionalism, work, and attention to detail are beyond what words can explain! It is clear that her work is driven by her passion to help everyone capture and enhance their inner beauty and confidence. It is guaranteed that anyone who leaves Falcon Artistry will leave with a smile on their face :)
- Elizabeth T

I’ve been in to see Candice twice, as she has done some freckle work for me, and both times have been absolutely spectacular. The atmosphere is great, and she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. On top of all of that you can tell she is very passionate about what she does, and conducts herself in a way that is both professional but personal. She also takes great pride in her work and it shows. I would 100% recommend her to any and all of my friends and family.
- Amanda Davis

There are many attributes I could mention, but I am especially impressed by how fastidious Candice is to detail!
- Laurie Kingdon

Candice did an excellent job! Very professional and clean atmosphere. I was able to easily book an appointment. She was very detailed and did an outstanding job! Thank you Candice!
- Sheri Preston

Before & After

  • Stretchmark camouflage
  • Post-mastectomy areola restorative tattoo
  • Brachioplasty (arm lift surgery) scar camouflage
  • Self-harm scar camouflage

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Scar, Stretchmark & Pigmentation Camouflage in Vancouver

Ensuring the most natural-looking results. Highly personalized service.
You deserve the best solutions to achieve your positive body image.


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